All of our mulch, compost, mixes, and 

blends are made right here on-site!

The prices listed are for picked-up products.

Please see the price list for delivery options.

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Premium Blend Mulch

$46.00 / Yard

Dark Mulch

$45.00 / Yard


$40.00 / Yard

Island Compost

$42.50 / Yard

island mix.jpg
Garden Blend.png

Topdress Mix
Made up of
75% Finely Screened Compost
and 25% Mason Sand.  
$68.00 / Yard

Island Mix
Made up of equal parts of
Topsoil, Island Compost
and Sand.
$44.50 / Yard

Garden Blend
Made up of Pete Moss, Island Compost, and Composted Woodchips.
$72.00 / Yard

Island Woodchips

These wood chips are straight out of the chipper. They may contain leaves and pine needles.

$12.00 / Yard

Reground - JOE.png

Reground Woodchips

$26.00 / Yard


Pre-order only 

500 sq/ft pallet or by the sq. foot

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