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All of our mulch, compost, mixes, and 
blends are made right here on-site!
Please see our material price list for current pricing.

dark mulch - j&j.jpg

Premium Blend Mulch

Dark Mulch


Island Compost

island mix.jpg
Garden Blend.png

Topdress Mix
Made up of
75% Finely Screened Compost
and 25% Mason Sand.  

Island Mix
Made up of equal parts of
Topsoil, Island Compost
and Sand.

Garden Blend
Made up of Pete Moss, Island Compost, and Composted Woodchips.

Island Woodchips
These wood chips are straight out of the chipper. They may contain leaves and pine needles.

Reground - JOE.png

Reground Woodchips


Pre-order only 

500 sq/ft pallet or by the sq. foot

Contact us for more information

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